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istanbul | Turkey

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Gallery - bariskara

You aRe My Fortune
You aRe My Fortune      
tHe ghosts You draw on My back
tHe ghosts You dra...      
maybe one day, I will tell why my window front flew away
maybe one day, I w...      
i cant reach your hair
i cant reach your ...      
it'll rain tomorrow
it'll rain tomorro...      
here we go again
here we go again       
despatch rider
despatch rider       
Autumn branches for Loneliness
Autumn branches fo...      
riders on the storm
riders on the stor...      
letter without an adress
letter without an ...      
what time is it now
what time is it no...      
You Cant Touch MyDreams
You Cant Touch MyD...      
Only White Can Hurt Me
Only White Can Hur...      
winding my solitude
winding my solitud...      
you blowed
you blowed       
where you going...
where you going...      

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