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Mixed emotions lll    
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I welcome critiques by club members.
Category: Nude
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Uploaded: 26.11.2011 06:17 PM
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1 tichwi    26.11.2011 18:49
  These are classic images...well done ! I think they look better with the 90% back ground and I prefer them in b/w. I wish I could have attended this workshop.

This is my favourite of the 2, simple yet elegant.

2 miriana    26.11.2011 19:07
  Thanks tichwi:) I wish you were there... but I have a workshop with this model and part of it will be this kind of light on Sunday January 15th... I have not post it yet but will soon... Join us on meetup and you will know.­/

3 BobM    27.11.2011 17:07
  Another great light image...


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